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Dr. Martin Batstone is 2016 Chris O’Brien Traveling Martin Batstone_PhotoScholar Award Winner

Dr Martin D Batstone MBBS BDSc (Hons) MPhil(Surg) FRACDS (OMS) FRCS (OMFS) of Australia was named by the Australia New Zealand Head and Neck Society as the 2016 winner of the Chris O’Brien Traveling Scholar Award. Dr. Batstone will be joining the American Head and Neck Society at their 9th International Conference on Head and Neck Cancer in Seattle, WA, this upcoming July.

Martin Batstone was a graduate of the Queensland Maxillofacial Surgery Training Program in 2004. He then spent three years in Liverpool at the Mersey Regional Head and Neck Cancer Centre as the Head and Neck Fellow. His current position is a Senior Staff specialist at the Royal Brisbane and Womens Hospital and Director of the Maxillofacial unit. He chairs the Regional surgical committee which supervises training in Queensland and co-ordinates the College exams annually. He is the Vice President of the Australian and New Zealand Head and neck cancer society. His main clinical interests are surgical management of oral and oropharyngeal cancer, skin cancer and microvascular reconstruction.

What is the Research and Education Foundation of the American Head and Neck Society?

Raised $2,027,000 towards the $3,000,000 target.

The Research and Education Foundation of the American Head and Neck Society (AHNS) is working to:Encourage and fund science and clinical research in head and neck oncology

  • Support and fund individuals and institutions in the development of educational programs or materials in head and neck cancer
  • Support educational endeavors that improve knowledge, techniques, and skills of practitioners devoted to the care of head and neck cancer patients

The Foundation is the only organization dedicated to treating and curing head and neck cancer. As such, it is a significant force in the fight against head and neck cancer. Our efforts are promising and we have made headway because of the support we receive from AHNS members, individuals affected by head and neck cancer either personally or through a loved one, corporations, and foundations. However, so long as head and neck cancer exists, we must continue our efforts in research, education and treatment. There is more work to be done and we need your help. With several ways to support us, please consider a donation today.

Five in 5 Campaign: Create your legacy with the Foundation

Make your mark with the Foundation and dramatically influence our ability to increase grant opportunities in head and neck cancer research through the Five in 5 Campaign. This commitment is a donation of $5,000/year for a total of five years. Lifetime Centurion Club membership granted for all participants of the Five in 5 Campaign. We proudly acknowledge those who have committed thus far: Douglas Girod (co-founder), Dennis Kraus (co-founder), Carol Bradford, Randal Weber, and Mark Zafereo. If interested in joining, please complete the pledge form here.

A Heartfelt Thank You to our Centurion Club Members

The Foundation extends special recognition to our 2015 and 2016 Centurion Club members, supporting the Foundation with gifts of $1,000 or more annually.

Elliot Abemayor
Amit Agrawal
Carol Beir-Laning
R. Bryan Bell
Elizabeth Blair
William Bosley
Jeffrey Bumpous
Brian Burkey
Robert Byers
Joseph Califano
Bruce Campbell
William Carroll
Amy Chen
Charles Coffey
Terry Day
Duvvuri Umaheswar
Ramon Esclamado
Greg Farwell
Robert Ferris
Paul Friedlander
Marion Gillespie
Doug Girod*
David Goldenberg
Christine Gourin
Neil Gross
Patrick Gullane
Jonathan Irish
Kiran Kakarala
Dennis Kraus
Greg Krempl
Pierre Lavertu
Derrick Lin
Bill Lydiatt
Ellie Maghami
Susan McCammon
Jeff Myers
Cherie-Ann Nathan
Brian Nussenbaum
Enver Ozer
Nitin Pagedar
Karen Pitman
Greg Randolph
Christopher Rassekh
John Ridge
James Rocco
Eben Rosenthal
John Saunders
Cecilia Schmalbach
Jatin Shah*
Yelizaveta Shnayder
Kerstin Stenson
Elliot Strong*
Maie St. John
Krishnamurthi Sundaram
David Terris
Marilene Wang
Steven Wang
Mark Wax
Randal Weber
Mark Weissler
Bevan Yueh

List current as of July 2016
*Denotes lifetime member
Curious about the Centurion Club?  Click here to learn more!

New Way to Donate:  Receiving Honorarium?

Why not consider this unique new way to support the Foundation:  If you are speaking at a conference and receiving honorarium from a company, direct your honorarium to the Research and Education Foundation.  We will handle the process for you.  Simply request the honorarium to be paid out to the Foundation and have the company contact Kelly Honecker, Foundation Director, at kelly@ahns.info.  In addition, the company, should they chose, will receive recognition of their support on the Foundation website.  It is quick and easy, and a wonderful way to help us grow the Foundation!

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