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Congratulations to the 2018 Recipient of the Chris O’Brien Traveling Fellowship!

The Research and Education Foundation of the American Head and Neck Society is proud to announce the recipient of this year’s Chris O’Brien Traveling Fellowship, Dr. Kevin Emerick.  Dr. Emerick has served as an Associate Professor at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary at Harvard where he initiated and grew the MEEI/MGH Cutaneous Oncology Center and states “it has been one of the great joys of my career to date.”

Dr. Emerick strongly believes in the need for collaboration among colleagues to advance patient care. His aim for this fellowship is to observe the work of fellow head and neck surgeons in Australia and New Zealand and, more importantly to forge the relationships needed to make real change for patients dying from skin cancer. We wish him the best as he carries out his fellowship in honor of Chris O’Brien.

Five in 5 Campaign: Create your legacy with the Foundation

Make your mark with the Foundation and dramatically influence our ability to increase grant opportunities in head and neck cancer research through the Five in 5 Campaign. This commitment is a donation of $5,000/year for a total of five years. Lifetime Centurion Club membership granted for all participants of the Five in 5 Campaign. We proudly acknowledge those who have committed thus far: Douglas Girod (co-founder), Dennis Kraus (co-founder), Carol Bradford, Randal Weber, and Mark Zafereo. If interested in joining, please complete the pledge here.

New Way to Donate:  Receiving Honorarium?

Why not consider this unique new way to support the Foundation:  If you are speaking at a conference and receiving honorarium from a company, direct your honorarium to the Research and Education Foundation.  We will handle the process for you.  Simply request the honorarium to be paid out to the Foundation and have the company contact Colleen Elkins, Foundation Director, at Colleen@ahns.info.  In addition, the company, should they chose, will receive recognition of their support on the Foundation website.  It is quick and easy, and a wonderful way to help us grow the Foundation!

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