Centurion Club

Will you be a Centurion?

As a foundation, we have been able to offer grants and funding to physicians and scientists because of the support we receive from AHNS members, individuals affected by head and neck cancer either personally or through a loved one, corporations, and foundations.  The Centurion Club is a campaign from the AHNS Foundation in order to recognize our most dedicated supporters, while building a financial corpus that will allow us to not only continue, but expand our financial support for education and research of head and neck cancer.   The Centurion Club is open to any AHNS member who believes in the mission of the Foundation and is ready to make a tangible demonstration of their support.

One becomes a Centurion by agreeing to a commitment of $1,000 to the Foundation on an annual basis and making a statement that you want to end head and neck cancer.  In recognition of this generous act, the Centurion Club offers to its members the following benefits:

  • Distinguished “Centurion Club” ribbons (or other visible promo item) at all AHNS events
  • Unique recognition on the AHNS website
  • Unique recognition in the Final Program distributed at AHNS meetings
  • Special premiere seating for the opening ceremonies at the International Conference
  • Access to a special “Centurion Club” only lounge at the Annual Meeting
  • Fast-tracked registration for the International Conference
  • More to come!

Just starting your career?  Reduced membership rates are available for physicians in their first five years of practice.
Please click here to join the Centurion Club.

Thank you to our 2016 CENTURION CLUB MEMBERS:


 Richard Bell Jonathan Irish Bert O’Malley
Elizabeth Blair John Iyanrick Nitin Pagedar
Carol Bradford Gina Jefferson Chris Rassekh
Robert Byers Luiz Kowalski John Drew Ridge
Bruce Campbell  Dennis Kraus James Rocco
 David Cognetti   Pierre Lavertu William Ryan
 Daniel Deschler   William Lydiatt John Saunders
 Umamaheswar Duvvuri Mark Wax William Spanos
 Donald Gregory Farwell  Eugene Myers  Kerstin Stenson
 Robert Ferris  Jeffrey Myers David Terris
 Neil Futran  Melonie Nance Marlene Wang
Douglas Girod  Raghu Nathan Tamara Watts
Babak Givi  Andrew Nemecheck Mark Zafereo

List current as of December 2016
*Denotes lifetime member

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