AHNS Research Reports

AHNS Research Reports

Young Investigator Award

Jeffrey Steven J. Wang, MD –Interim Report 2006
Hyaluronan Signaling in Head and Neck Cancer Progression

Jeffrey S. Wolf, MD, FACS — Report July 2005
Head and Neck Cancer Growth Suppression by Lactoferrin

Paul M. Spring, MD, MS — Report July 27, 2003
Multidrug resistance in anaplastic thyroid carcinoma

Douglas Frank, MD — Interim Report
The Ad-p53- Mediated Bystander Effect- Investigating the Role of Gap Junctional Intercellular Communication

Pilot Research Award

Joseph Sniezek, MD — Final Report
Analysis of p63 isoform expression in normal, diseased, and malignant mucosa of the head and neck

Douglas D. Reh, MD — Final Report August 31, 2005
Role of Smad4 in HNSCC Formation and Progression

Kepal N. Patel, M.D. — Final Report September 27, 2005
Anti-MUC1 Targeting in Aggressive Thyroid Cancer

Physician Scientist Award

Robert L. Ferris, MD, PhD — Interim Report
Role of Chemokines in Head and Neck Cancer

AHNS-ACS Career Development Award

Richard Wong, MD — Interim Report
Sensitivity of Head and Neck Cancer to Herpes Oncolytic Therapy

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