Interim Progress Report 4

Interim Progress Report

  • The Ad-p53- Mediated Bystander Effect- Investigating the Role of Gap Junctional Intercellular Communication
  • 2000 Young Investigator Research Development Award
  • Douglas Frank, MD Principal Investigator
  • Award period: September 2000-September 2002.

The first year of this project has been spent screening additional suitable head and neck cancer cell lines for gap junctional activity or lack thereof for our proposed gene therapy studies. Furthermore, we are well into the laborious process screening selected connexin and anticonnexin transfectants for the desired genotypic and phenotypic effects outlined in the research proposal. This tedious work has seen some success and we are presently planning to begin bystander effect gene therapy studies on some of the most promising screened transfectants.

We certainly appreciate the support the American Head ands Neck Society is providing in helping us initiate this exciting and challenging area of research.


Douglas K. Frank, MD

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