What Do We Support?

What We Support:

Ballantyne Resident Research Grant
Chris O’Brien Traveling Scholar Award
Myers Family Summer Diversity Fellowship
Duane Sewell Young Investigator Award
Hayes Martin Lectureship
Jatin P. Shah Symposium
John Conley Lectureship
Pilot Research Grant
Robert Maxwell Byers Award
Surgeon Scientist Career Development Award (with AAOHNS)
Translational Innovator Award

Ballantyne Resident Research Grant

For the best grant application by a resident, this award utilizes the same forms and guidelines as the Pilot Grant. This is a $10,000 award (maximum total costs) for one year, and it is non-renewable. One award is available per year.

Award Winners:

2003: Mark Jameson, MD, PhD
2004: Douglas Reh, MD
2005: Seungwon Kim, MD
2006: Chad Galer, MD, PhDgf
2007: Vivian Wu, MD
2008: Rolando Rosas, MD, MSc
2009:  Alec Vaezi, MD, PhD
2010:  Vlad Constantin Sandulache, MD, PhD
2011:  Johnathon R. George, MPH, MD
2012:  Neerav Goyal, MD, MPH
2013: Michael Sim, MD
2014: Jennifer Wang, MD
2015: Michael Chan-Wei Kao, MD
2016: Paul Zolkind, MD
2017: Zain Rizvi, MD
2018: Andrey Finegersh, MD, PhD

Chris O’Brien Traveling Scholar Award

Income generated through the Chris O’Brien Award will be used to support a lecture honoring Dr. O’Brien at the International Conference on Head and Neck Cancer held every four years and additionally will support the Chris O’Brien Traveling Scholar Award which allows for a young head and neck surgeon to visit the United States or Australia/New Zealand in order to further their education.

Dr. Chris O’Brien played a key role not only in the field of head and neck cancer, but in the AHNS as well, being a member since the society’s inception. One of Dr. O’Brien’s many accomplishments includes founding the Sydney Head and Neck Cancer Institute in 2002. In 2007, Dr. O’Brien was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and in early summer of 2009, after a brave fight against the cancer, Dr. O’Brien passed away. Please consider making a donation to the Dr. Chris O’Brien International Lecture and Traveling Scholar Award in memory of Dr. O’Brien.

Chris O’Brien Traveling Scholar Award Winners:

2008:  Carston Palme, MD
2010:   Eric J. Moore, MD
2012:   Sandro Porceddu, MD
2014:   Michael Kupferman, MD
2016:   Martin Batstone, MD
2018:   Kevin Emerick, MD

Myers Family Summer Diversity Fellowship:

The Diversity Summer Fellowship was founded by generous contributions from Drs. Eugene and Jeffrey Myers whose commitment to increasing diversity in the ranks of head and neck cancer surgeons is made manifest by this fellowship.

The Fellowship offers trainees from traditionally under-represented minority backgrounds the chance to work in a Department of Academic Excellence in Head and Neck Surgical Oncology that has an approved Fellowship Training Program from the Advanced Training Council of the AHNS. Awardees will be assigned to a clinical faculty mentor and will rotate on his or her clinical service.  Summer fellows will also have the opportunity to perform basic, translational, clinical, or population based research under the guidance of a chosen/assigned research mentor.

Award Winners:

2018:  Frantzlee LeCrete

Duane Sewell Young Investigator Award

Open to fellows and assistant professors. Must be an AHNS member (may be candidate member). Goal is to support research in neoplastic disease of the head and neck. This is a $10,000 award per year for up to two years. One award is available per year.

Award Winners:

2003: Eben Rosenthal, MD
2004: Jeffrey Wolf, MD
2005: Steven J. Wang, MD
2006: Michael Kupferman, MD, PhD
2007: Andrew Sokora, MD, PhD
2007: Mihir Patel, MD
2008: Brandon Bentz, MD
2008: Mark Jameson, MD, PhD
2009:  Babak Givi, MD
2009:  Rutherford Ongkeko, MD, PhD
2010:  Thomas J. Ow, MD
2010:  Yelizaveta Shnayder, MD
2011:  Paul M. Weinberger, MD
2011:  Natalya Chernichenko, MD
2012:  Allen Szu Hao Ho, MD
2013:  Nicole Schmidt, MD
2014:  Joseph Curry, MD
2015:  Clint Allen, MD
2016:  Jessica Moskovitz, MD
2017:  Andrew G. Shuman, MD
2018:  Marcus M. Monroe, MD

Hayes Martin Lectureship

The American Head and Neck Society invites a distinguished member of the profession to present the Hayes Martin Lecture at each Annual Meeting. The Society provides travel funds for this purpose.

Hayes Martin Lecturers:

1972: William S. MacComb, M.D.
1973: Oliver H. Beahrs, M.D.
1974: Arthur G. James, M.D.
1975: Charles C. Harrold, M.D.
1976: Edgar L. Frazell, M.D.
1977: Harry W. Southwick, M.D.
1978: Harvey W. Baker, M.D.
1979: Edward F. Scanlon, M.D.
1980: Condict Moore, M.D.
1981: Richard H. Jesse, M.D.
1982: Milton Edgerton, M.D.
1983: John J. Conley, M.D.
1984: William A. Maddox, M.D.
1985: Alfred S. Ketcham, M.D.
1986: Donald P. Shedd, M.D.
1987: Elliot W. Strong, M.D.
1988: M.J. Jurkiewicz, M.D.
1989: George A. Sisson, M.D.
1990: Alando J. Ballantyne, M.D.
1991: Ian Thomas Jackson, M.D.
1992: John M. Lore, M.D.
1993: Ronald H. Spiro, M.D.
1994: John G. Batsakis, M.D.
1995: Helmuth Goepfert, M.D.
1996: Joseph N. Attie, M.D.
1997: Blake Cady, M.D.
1998: Jatin P. Shah, M.D.
1999: Jean-Louis H. LeFebvre, M.D.
2000: Robert M. Byers, M.D.
2001: William Wei, M.S.
2002: Eugene Myers, M.D.
2003: Michael Johns, M.D.
2004: Christopher J. O’Brien, M.D.
2005: Richard Reznick, M.D.
2006: Keith S. Heller, MD
2007: Jesus E. Medina, MD
2008: Waun Ki Hong, MD
2009: Charles W. Cummings, MD
2010: Adel El-Naggar, MD
2011: Randal S. Weber, MD
2012: Gregory T. Wolf, MD
2013: Jonas T. Johnson, MD
2014: Patrick J. Gullane, MD
2015: John A Ridge, MD, PhD
2016: Ashok R. Shaha, MD
2017: Mark K. Wax, MD
2018: Adalsteinn D. Brown, PhD

Jatin P. Shah Symposium

A special thank you goes to Dr. Jatin P. Shah, Chief of the Head and Neck Service at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, for his generous endowment of $100,000 to the AHNS Research and Education Foundation.

In direct response to this endowment, the AHNS Foundation awarded the Jatin P. Shah Symposium on Clinical Controversies in Head and Neck Surgery in 2006.  Since then, the symposium has been a much anticipated and well-regarded panel at every annual meeting.  The focus of the symposium follows along the lines of clinical controversies.

Jatin P. Shah Symposia:

2006:  Management of Complex Issues in Thyroid Cancer
2007:  How Much is Too Much?  Recurrent Thyroid Cancer with Minimal Tumor Burden
2008:  The Role of the Surgeon in Multidisciplinary Care of Head & Neck Cancer
2009:  Endoscopic Resection versus Open Craniofacial Resection for Skull Base Malignancy
2010: Update of Clinical Trials in Head and Neck Oncology
2011:  Thyroid Surgery Controversies
2012: Papillary Thyroid Cancer
2013: Debating the Current Standard of Care
2014: Surgical vs Non-Surgical Organ Preservation for Advanced Laryngeal Cancer
2015: Oropharyngeal Cancer: A Public Health Dilemma
2016: The Future of Head and Neck Cancer in 10 Years
2017: Aggressive Thyroid Malignancies:
State of the Art Management
2018: Personalized Medicine – Can We Afford It?


John Conley Lectureship

An endowment from Dr. Conley himself allows the American Head and Neck Society to invite a distinguished member of the profession to present a lecture relating to medical ethics at each Annual Meeting.  The Research and Education Foundation provides travel funds for this purpose.

John D. Conley Lecturers:

2001: Edward Hughes, MD
2002: Rabbi David Saperstein
2003: Jonathan D. Moreno, MD
2004: David C. Leach, MD
2005: James Battey, MD
2006: John Stone, MD, MACP
2007: Kenneth I. Shine, MD
2008: Carolyn Dresler, MD
2009: James D. Smith, MD
2010: Robert L. Comis, MD
2011: Benjamin S. Carson, Sr., MD
2012: Julie A. Freischlag, MD
2013: Patrick J. Gullane, MB, FRCSC, FRACS
2014: Antonio Fojo, MD, PhD
2015: Jonathan Irish, MD, MSc, FRCSC
2016: Robert S. Bell, CM, MSc, MD, FRCSC
2017: Johannes J. Fagan, MBChB, MMed, FCORL
2018: Brian O’Sullivan, MD

 Pilot Research Grant

Open for residents, fellows, junior faculty for pilot research in head and neck related topics. This is a $10,000 award (maximum total costs) for one year, and it is non-renewable. One award is available per year.

Award Winners:

2004: Kepal Patel, MD
2005: Emiro Caicedo-Granados, MD
2006: Christine G. Gourin, MD
2007: Andres Lopez-Albaitero, MD
2008: Daniel Schneider, MD
2008: Christopher Towe, MD
2009:  Raewyn Seaberg, MD, PhD
2010:  Mihir K. Bhayani, MD
2010:  Osamu Tetsu, MD, PhD
2011:  Waleed M. Abuzeid, MD
2011:  Sunshine M. Dwojak, MD
2012:  Daria Gaykalova, PhD
2012:  Neerav Goyal, MD, MPH
2013: Matthew Hedberg, MD
2014: Monika Freiser, BS
2015: Narasimhan Rajaram, MD, Phd, BS
2016: Sufi Thomas, MD
2017: Daniel Faden, MD
2018: Shethal Bearelly, MD

Robert Maxwell Byers Award

Award Winners:

2014: Ardalan Ebrahimi, MPH, MD
2015: Brian Nussenbaum, MD
2017: Kendall K Tasche, MD
2018: Caitlin P. McMullen, MD

 Surgeon Scientist Career Development Award (with AAOHNS)

Open to surgeons beginning a clinician-scientist career track to support research in the pathogenesis, pathophysiology, diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of head and neck neoplastic disease. This is a $70,000 award (maximum total costs) for two years, payable as $35,000 per year. One award is available per year.

Award Winners:

2005: Jeffrey Moyer, MD
2007: Maie St. John, MD, PhD
2009:  Neil Gross, MD

Translational Innovator Award

Previous Award Winners

2013: Luc Morris, MD
2014: Seungwon Kim, MD
2015: Jose Zavallos, MD
2016: Matthew Spector, MD
2018: Travis P. Schrank, MD, PhD


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